Lemon Garlic Banza

For the month of October, Banza is hosting a #BanzaPlus5 recipe event. The challenge? Create a yummy dish using their lentil pasta (huge protein punch!) and 5 other ingredients. My first contribution is this amazing dish I frequently made during my freshman year of college… lemon garlic pasta with arugula! It’s refreshing, light, and nutritious. … More Lemon Garlic Banza

Pumpkin Muffins with Whole Foods Jacksonville

Yeah. It’s fall, my friends. And I’m hopping on the pumpkin spice train faster than you can say basic. As soon as fall hits northeast Florida, I dive into longer leggings, cozy warm meals, tea AND pumpkin muffins. I’ve always used Peta‘s recipe, but decided to look for more inspiration from Minimalist Baker, my go-to … More Pumpkin Muffins with Whole Foods Jacksonville

A Foodie in a Dorm

People always seem so amazed that I’m able to produce recipes, instagram posts, and healthy food all within a tiny dorm. Well, it isn’t as challenging as it sounds. Over the past  two years, I’ve picked up some crucial tips and tricks to making Instagram/foodie blogging as simple as possible while still creating healthy and … More A Foodie in a Dorm

My Skin Journey

I talk about my skin pretty frequently in my Instagram stories, and I got some interest in a post that outlines my journey from terrible acne to on-the-mend, healing, healthy skin. First of all, my acne was one of my biggest PERCEIVED flaws. By that I mean, I thought that because my skin wasn’t baby … More My Skin Journey